September 16, 2019
 In MONUSCO - Peacekeeping Efforts in the DRC

Country: China
Delegate Name: Iara Jones

The DRC is the second largest country in Africa, but within its borders, there have been multiple conflicts in the past decades; this has led to civilians being violated of their international human rights and being in dire need of help. As of June 2022, there is 18,278 personnel in the MONUSCO peacekeeping mission. In the DRC, there are 27 million people who need humanitarian assistance, 5.6 million internally displaced people, and more than 1 million refugees from the DRC in neighboring countries, according to the European Commission. China has diplomatic relationships with the DRC and has had a win-win approach where both nations benefit from established commercial relations, which may help the DRC establish itself economically as a nation while it navigates conflict.
As the conflict rose in the DRC, the UNSC first deployed MONUC by resolution 1279. Initially, the mission to oversee the ceasefire and maintain peace within the parties of the ceasefire agreement soon expanded to more tasks. On 1 July 2010, the UNSC passed resolution 1925; it renamed MONUC to the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) because of its new role in the country by authorizing the use of all necessary means to carry out its mandate. China has contributed 218 troops to MONUSCO. China would also like to note the UNSC decision to renew an arms embargo for the DRC.
China believes in making peacekeeping missions like MONUSCO more effective by streamlining the process and having precise guidelines. Currently, peacekeeping guidelines are broad and need to be clarified. Comprehensive reviews of peacekeeping mandates like those outlined in MONUSCO will make peacekeeping missions more efficient and of the best use of the UN’s resources.