September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Situation in Haiti

Country: United States of America
Delegate Name: Teague Ott

Haiti’s troubles began almost as soon as they won independence from France in 1804. In 1825 France forced Haiti to pay tens of billions of dollars(in today’s money) back to them, and it wasn’t until 1947 that the Haitian government paid off this debt. Because of the debt as well as instability from natural disasters and corruption, Haiti has extensive problems with poverty corruption, and infrastructure. The United Nations Security Council established a United Nations Stabilization Misson(MINUSTAH), however, this was then dispanded after the peacekeepers there caused a cholera epidemic which raised tensions between the UN and the public. The MINUSTAH was then transformed into the United Nations Integrations Office(BINUH) as a special political mission to advise state institutions. The UN left Haiti in 2019 and after they left economic chaos ensued, the president of Haiti was accused of corruption in July 2021 and was then assassinated, and the last legislators departed office in January of 2023. Due to the Haitian government being in pieces, armed gangs took control of vast areas of the country as well as almost 80% of the capital and are in constant fighting with each other and the government. Because of the fighting happening in populated cities, civilians are targeted often for abuse and used as ransoms for the government. Because of the gangs controlling so much of the country, a large amount of the humanitarian workers have left the country leaving almost 5 million without everyday access to food or water.

The United States does not recognize these gangs as official positions of power but rather sees them as a major threat to the Haitian government which has been an ally and trading partner for many years. We also do not stand for innocent civilians being targeted for ransoms and abuse, and we have donated more than 228 million dollars to try to aid civilians and attempt to help get the people trying to flee the country out. The United States is willing and more than happy to introduce a non-United Nations multinational force and enter the country to aid the military in taking down the gangs and helping the civilians in any way possible.

We wish that any country that does not stand for the gang violence and war in the country to work with the United States and figure out a way to create a multinational force to aid the Haitian government in taking care of the violence. The financial instability and gang war over territory is destroying the once great country of Haiti and something must be done to help restore the country to what it once was. The United States urges any country that has the ability to help the country of Haiti, to do so in any way possible.

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