September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Inequality in International Criminal Prosecutions

Country: China
Delegate Name: Isabella Frederick

In recent years the issue of inequality in international criminal prosecutions has been rising dramatically. Although the International Criminal Court strives to be unbiased and fair, it is not. It has shown a history of prejudice, where it more often prosecutes countries in Africa, while ignoring criminal activity in countries such as the United States. China strongly believes that these issues would be solved if the countries undergoing prosecution would be able to prosecute the issues within their own country instead of the ICC. Due to China’s disagreement with the ICC they have not yet signed the Rome Statute and have no intention to.

As of now China has not taken action against the ICC. They have only denied the court jurisdiction in their country. As stated previously, China greatly disagrees with the ICC and has no intention of signing the Rome Statute or giving the ICC any jurisdiction in China. Due to this the ICC has no effect on China because they have no judicial power in the country.

China holds the opinion that the best course of action would be for each individual country that is involved in the ICC to have the option to prosecute themselves. This would allow for equality in prosecution of all countries and the ability for each country to have a say in the criminal prosecutions of these crimes. Unless this change is made, China will hold strong to their belief that the ICC should have absolutely no jurisdiction in their country and will continue to refuse the ratification of the Rome Statute.

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