September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Inequality in International Criminal Prosecutions

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Delegate Name: Jaelyn Andrick

The Internation Criminal Court was constructed in hopes of prosecuting individuals accused of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc. 123 countries are currently a part of the International Criminal Court, 33 of those countries being African countries. Despite the fact, the International Criminal Court attempted to be neutral, and unbiased, in recent years they have shown a lot of bias. Many criminals prosecuted through the International Criminal Court within the past few years have mostly been from Africa, instead of cases from all around the world. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea does not associate with the International Criminal Court and has no intentions to. The DPRK will not party with the Rome Statute.

As of now, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has not taken any action towards the International Criminal Court, nor the inequality happening within the ICC. On account of North Korea not being a member-state of the ICC, they have no jurisdiction over Kim Jong-Un, or DPRK itself. The DPRK has no plans to take any action against this issue since it is not affecting our country.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea feels that crimes against the country should be dealt with within the country, not through the International Criminal Court. War crimes should not be dealt with through the ICC, instead, they should be dealt with by the country in which the criminal is from. China, an ally, strongly disagrees with the International Criminal Court as well.

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