September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Inequality in International Criminal Prosecutions

Country: Poland
Delegate Name: Lucy Claire White

The International Criminal Court or the (ICC) is a court used only in the most drastic situations. Poland supports the (ICC) and has also used it to their advantage in the past for example in April of 2022 while supporting Ukraine against war crimes committed by Russia and speaking out against the bombs that were unintentionally dropped in Poland. Poland currently believes that there will always be inequalities in the justice systems but as of right now there are no inequalities present in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

As for Poland’s supporting the (ICC) in 2019 Andrzeja Duda the president of Poland visited the International Criminal Court (ICC) and was thanked by the president of the ICC (Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji) for Poland’s unwavering support of the ICC. As well as the fact that in 2001 Poland ratified the Rome Statute, Poland has also signed the Kampala amendment (concerning crimes of aggression). As a result of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine and accidental attacks on Poland the UN has taken action and has suspended Russia from the Human Rights Council further proving that the (ICC) does take action to help other countries.

As Poland does not believe there are inequalities within the ICC the only thing that Poland can suggest to do is to further improved the (ICC) for example getting more countries to sign off on the Rome statute and addressing the concerns of the US, China, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Qatar and Yemen over the fear that the ICC will abuse its power. Poland also believes in order to improve the ICC we will need to gather more funding and resources.

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