September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: Nigeria
Delegate Name: Keegan Bierema

Labor exploitation is when an employer takes advantage of a worker in a desperate or vulnerable situation in order to give little or no pay. Labor exploitation goes beyond that definition and includes all forms of exploitation for labor or servitude. While the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals by the international community promises to eradicate forced child labor by 2030, the world is nowhere close. Modern conflicts, Covid-19, and other situations provide even more opportunity for exploitation. With an increase of about 10 million people since the last estimate, a dire solution is needed to stifle the market for labor exploitation.
Nigerian labor exploitation was very high before the year 2000. Nigeria has committed itself to the end of forced labor since the 2004 Labour Act. Nigeria’s labor exploitation mostly happens in small pockets of mining for the country’s rich natural resources. Nigeria has made advancements on the annihilation of labor exploitation and child labor by conducting over 17,000 labor inspections and creating 11 new child labor monitoring committees. In the last 20 years, Nigeria has established all the legal framework to work internationally for an end to labor exploitation.
Nigeria would like to see an end to Labor exploitation in the World and in Africa. The country hopes that the international community acknowledges the efforts of a newer country to enact change in its continent regarding labor exploitation. Most importantly, the Republic of Nigeria hopes to work on this issue and reaches agreements that are beneficial for west African countries as a whole. The Republic of Nigeria is excited to work with global and regional partners to come to a consensus on the issue.

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