September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Repatriation of Refugees

Country: United States of America
Delegate Name: LucyClaire White

The United States recognizes that the problem of refugees being overlooked and treated poorly is one that has been going on for years. Throughout history the world as a whole has experienced many wars and frequently have seen displaced refugees. The problems that the U.S. is planning to address are upholding the rights of refugees through the rough repatriation process, the process of figuring out what to do with refugees currently residing in unsafe countries, and ensuring that once refugees reenter their home country we are able to continue ensuring their safety.
In order to uphold the rights of refugees through the repatriation process the U.S. believes that a hotline or housing can be set up for refugees fleeing violent countries or countries at war. The idea of setting up hotlines, houses, or both is one that will take time and planning however the U.S. is willing and eager to begin negotiations and discuss ideas based off of that.
The idea of sending a refugee back to a home country that is unsafe is not one that the United States agrees with. However a solution has not yet been discussed for what to do in said situation. The U.S. believes that the discussion of housing to be set up in a neutral country could be a viable option in order to stop the practice of sending refugees back to unsafe home countries. The United States does acknowledge that many refugees may not be willing to go to live in a different country than that of their home country and the U.S. is currently unsure of what to do with that situation however the U.S. is open for suggestions on how to further handle it.
In order to ensure the safety of refugees after returning them to their home country the United States believes that setting up a hotline or national refugee organization may be something to consider. A center for refugees to check in or even what’s essentially a refugee social worker could be extremely beneficial to the safety and care of refugees. Documentation and paperwork for all refugees is essential as well in order to keep up and manage the refugees entering foreign countries or even the ones who have gone back to their home countries, without the proper documentation of refugees it is impossible to ensure their wellbeing after returning them to their home country.
The United States is eager to start planning on how to best care for refugees around the world. The U.S. believes that this is a great opportunity for the countries of the world to work together. Americans are willing to negotiate and to create a plan for how to best handle the situation of refugee displacements and violation of their rights.

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