September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: Nigeria
Delegate Name: Evangeline Fraley-Burgett

Topic: 2023-Militarization of Outer Space
Country: Federal Republic of Nigeria
Delegate Name: Evangeline Fraley-Burgett

The country of Nigeria believes the militarization of space is not in the interest of its people or government. While we have a strong military on the ground we see no need to extend our resources and people like other countries. Nigeria does not feel threatened by space, as we were along the lines of the first countries in Africa to sign the 2222 (XXl) resolution adopted in 1967, which was the agreement of using space for research and not military leverage. Thanks to our allies China and Russia, we can launch satellites into space as we believe it is the only purposeful use of space.

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