September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Food Instability and Political Crises

Country: Canada
Delegate Name: Ava Balint

Committee: UNDP
Topic: Food Instability and Political Crisis
Country: Canada
Delegate Name: Ava Balint

With the COVID-19 pandemic and disasters caused by climate change, international food insecurity arose in 2022, with the addition of the war in Ukraine. This is due to the fact that Ukraine accounts for a large percentage of global wheat and maize exports, and the Russian Federation is a leading producer of fertilizers. The export control, rise in fuel prices, and violence and destruction preventing harvests have meant that the price of these commodities is rising. Food insecurity has countless consequences including increased concern, swelling numbers of internal and external migration, and rising income inequality. These all contribute to the focus of this committee: the prevention and mitigation of political crises caused by food insecurity. When people cannot feed themselves and their children and do not believe that the government is capable of giving them relief, they are more likely to take up arms against their neighbors or their government. We Canada disagree with the illegal invasion of Ukraine and continue to provide help to the global food crisis.

We Canada are currently taking action to help the global food crisis. We have provided $250 million to help the global food crisis. This funding will address the increasing global food and nutrition needs, especially for the most vulnerable and with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. This assistance is for children living in crisis situations and facing hunger and malnutrition, or parents who have hardly enough food to feed their children but will go hungry themselves. In addition to that, Canada has already allocated $514.5 million for urgent humanitarian food and nutrition assistance. Canada will continue to take action to address the causes and consequences of the global food crisis in coordination with others, to help build resilience, address the underlying vulnerabilities, and tackle the root causes leading to food insecurity.

As Canada we suggest partnering countries with food stability to join in and provide sanctions to suffering countries of the current food instability crisis. I encourage my allies in NATO, to provide their support. This support could be shown through food, money, medical supplies, and much more.

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