September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Situation in Ukraine

Country: China
Delegate Name: Teague

Committee: UN security council
Topic: situation in Ukraine
Country: China

For the past 8 years, Russia has had many disagreements with Ukraine over border and territory. In February 2014, Russia obtained the peninsula known as Crimea from Ukraine. This marked the beginning of the disagreement between Russia and Ukraine. Almost 8 years later this has come to a tipping point when their President Vladimir Putin made the decision to attack Ukraine and move on their land. As a national superpower and a country that is in good relations with Russia, China supports their movement, but will not be physically backing up their movement.
China has not committed to any resolutions on the situation in Ukraine for various reasons due to China’s standing in the international community. The main reason for this is a very high status and gratification with other countries due to them being very involved with global economics. This means that China does not want to get involved so it can keep its status in the world as a global superpower. This claim is supported by how bad Russia’s financial situation is due to this conflict, if China were to support and back Russia then its financial situation would be quite similar to Russia’s situation. The UN has taken some measures and sanctions from independent countries who want to condemn Russia and have been doing so on their own; however, these sanctions have not affected China in any way yet.
China thinks that national sovereignty should be upheld and we should let Russia and Ukraine deal with this internal matter themselves. Obviously, some countries that are already backing Ukraine like the United States will not support national sovereignty, however, China believes that this is the course of action that we should take.

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