September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Determining the Legitimacy of Secession Movements

Country: Canada
Delegate Name: Mackenzie Brooks

Succession is the act of one group splitting from another already existing state. Often this leads to warfare and violence causing the citizens of this state to be victims of military conflicts, poverty, illness, and famine. Canada is a pluralist democracy and with the uprise of succession movements with over 60 current movements we are very neutral on the situation because of the many downsides but with the many upsides to succession. While succession can be very violent oftentimes it can be very necessary and could help the state that’s trying to split.
Succession has not been a problem in Canada since 1867 the state of Quebec has been trying to gain sovereignty from Canada. While they have not taken any actions to try and become sovereign they do seek political independence without severing economic relations. Their reasoning behind this is that the Quebeckers would no longer have citizenship.
In response, Canada would like to take action to help the states seeking succession but also help in a much safer, less violent way to help them seek their goal.

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