September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Access to Education for Women and Girls

Country: Poland
Delegate Name: Jonah Mechtenberg-Berrigan

At the moment, hundreds of millions of girls are being denied education due to gender. This creates many other problems like unfair earnings, higher child marriage rates, and increased maternal mortality rates. Poland has a higher domestic violence rate against women than some other countries, but the education rates for women and men are about equal. There are laws set in place in Poland to prevent unfair education. Poland supports women’s education.
Poland has received funds from the EEA to support equal education. Over the last 20 years, they have gone from one of the least equal European countries in schools to very equal education rates. Equal access to lower and mid-level education is supported throughout much of the Polish government, including the Polish Constitution, the Labour Code, and Labour Market Institutions. However, there are no laws involving women’s access to higher education. Poland has not contributed any funds involving education equality in the past, and has been accepting funds from the EEA for unfair gender education, although there are no visible inequalities in their education rates.
Poland believes that more countries should put gender equality laws in place. They are willing to offer up funds in different areas as a convincing measure, and encourage other developed countries to do the same. Poland will negotiate with countries without unfair gender equality, but will likely align itself with other developed, equal countries with similar beliefs such as Norway, Hungary, and France.

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