September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Fire Prevention and Response

Country: Pakistan
Delegate Name: Isabella Frederick

In recent years various countries have experienced record high levels of wildfires. These uncontrollable wildfires create a number of issues including destruction of homes, destruction of ecosystems, poor air quality, and loss of human life. Not only do these wildfires cause destruction and pollution, but offer economic issues as well. Pakistan, being a country with a high wildfire hazard, believes that preventing and responding to wildfires is essential. Pakistan, like many countries, has recently experienced an increase in forest fires and wildfires, leading to the creation of different procedures and regulations regarding fire prevention and response.
In 2018, Pakistan experienced an uproar of forest fires causing the destruction of 1.2 million trees. Aside from the destruction of trees, these forest fires also caused some economic trouble, leading Pakistan to put a ban on fireworks, campfires, and many other activities in hopes of lessening the risk for forest fires. Also in 2018, when there was an increase in forest fires and wildfires, the IUCN helped establish a forest fire control system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This control system provides more fire fighting tools as well as items that ensure safety such as safety helmets, safety goggles, and first aid boxes. In September of 2021, the UN issued their concern towards wildfires. In response to these wildfires the UN plans to create an agenda for climate change and forests, international collaboration, and involvement at a national level. Since this was fairly recent, there have been no effects seen in Pakistan however in years to come Pakistan hopes to have the issue of wildfires and forest fires under control.
Pakistan plans to continue with the regulations already in place but would also like to create more thorough regulations, hopefully further preventing fires. Pakistan also believes that communities should have the tools to properly respond to a fire. With more thorough regulations and communities having the ability to properly respond to fires Pakistan feels that there will be a significant decrease in forest fires and wildfires. Pakistan would like to work with nations who have experienced high levels of wildfires in recent years such as the U.S. Working with countries who have been hit hard by this recent spike in wildfires may help Pakistan to create better and more efficient ways to deal with fire prevention and response.

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