September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Cybercrime

Country: Pakistan
Delegate Name: Farahnoz Firdavsi

As humanity has been centralizing around the virtual world, we have found ease, trust, reliability, and comfort in the internet and virtuality. With a little over 4.66 billion active users worldwide-59.5 percent of the global population, our individual lives have begun to revolve around that of the virtual world. We have established trust and reliability on the internet, by putting all of our information on it, our lives practically revolve on the web.

However, the active danger of cybercrimes has endangered the economy worldwide, it has risked human lives, our private and sensitive information, and has had many other negative impacts on the real world, as well as that of the virtual. Cybercriminals attack people worldwide roughly every half a minute, on an average of 2,244 times per day.

Pakistan has taken steps to reduce this issue as best as possible. Through the years, Pakistan has passed many laws in an attempt to lower the number of cyber attacks and increase the punishment for cybercriminal acts. However, Pakistan has fallen short of protecting itself from international attacks and continues to suffer from hackers from Russia, India, and Israel.

Pakistan intends on finding a solution that will protect its citizen’s privacy, its economy, and that of worldwide. We believe that it is important to ensure safety and security in the virtual world without stripping rights from citizens. It is important to keep their rights and liberties in mind whilst coming up with a satisfactory and sufficient resolution.

Pakistan believes targeting notorious hacker groups in Russia, Brazil, China, and many other attackers located around the globe can assist in reducing, if not ridding the virtual world of cyberattacks. Pakistan is willing to negotiate and settle on a resolution that meets our previous concerns.

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