September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Central African Republic

Country: Pakistan
Delegate Name: Andrew Stoll

Committee: SPECPOL
Topic: Central African Republic
Country: Pakistan
Delegate: Andrew Stoll
Humanitarian efforts have been stunted and stalled in many politically unstable countries and the Central African Republic is no different. The crisis which has been ongoing since 2004 has claimed the lives of countless people and recently the life of a humanitarian worker. Despite many treaties and agreements the conflict in the region has not shrunk and in fact has grown and become more violent with the addition of Russian support to the Central African Government. Currently the conflict has forced nearly a million people to relocate from their homes and the United Nations estimates that 60% of them are children. The United Nations also estimates that 2.5 million people are facing hunger in the country with only 3% of the population having access to clean drinking water.
While the country of Pakistan is not directly affected by the ongoing conflict in Central Africa it seeks to promote peace and stability within the region. The country of Pakistan is also well aware of the religious tensions in the region and would like to see a permanent ceasefire between the Selekas and Balakas and an end to religious conflicts in the region.
The country of Pakistan is the third biggest contributor of military personnel with 1314 personnel currently deployed in the country. We hope that seeing our contributions to security and stability in the region will inspire other countries to send personnel and support as well. The country of Pakistan is interested in working with the neighbors of Central Africa in order to prevent the conflict from expanding into other regions and in order to better coordinate peacekeeping efforts.

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