September 16, 2019
 In 2023-De-escalation of Sectarian Conflict

Country: Cuba
Delegate Name: Breck Suvedi

Delegate: Breck Suvedi
Committee: SPECPOL
Topic: De-escalation of the sectarian conflict
Country: Republic of Cuba
School: Northern High School

The sectarian conflict is an upcoming and impending issue that has come up all across the globe recently. A sectarian conflict can arise from incompatible political, religious, and identity beliefs between two different parties. Many of these conflicts have been arising from the Middle East but in some cases have also come from China. Countries can not sit by the sidelines and watch these violent conflicts unfold. On behalf of the Republic of Cuba, I am calling on other countries to address this impending issue. We have to note that these conflicts might stem from bigger roots and to solve these conflicts we have to pull those roots out of the ground.

Cuba believes that we should all take action on these sectarian conflicts. In the Middle East, conflicts have been around since the early modern era. This is because the early modern era is when Islam split up into two distinct groups. One group is the Sunni Muslim and the other group is the Shia Muslim. They have conflicting beliefs. This has led to many wars over the past few centuries. Now, the Muslim community is split up in two with Iraq and Iran being the only two countries that majorly support Shia Islam while the other countries and regions around it all majorly support the Sunni Muslim religion. This has led to very unstable political rule in these Shia Muslim communities. In these countries that are majorly supporting Sunni Muslims, there are still groups of Shia Islam. This led to many groups to arise and build militias further putting more fuel on this fire.

The first step that the Republic of Cuba will take is to work coherently with the UN to abolish these rebellions and ensure that these countries with unstable governments can develop into countries that are unified and can work together to achieve common goals. We need to do this by bringing in military troops from around the globe to help these countries become more stable. Once we achieve this we can then work on the next step of rebuilding their economy. Rebuilding their economy will greatly help them to get one step closer to a more modern country.

The Republic of Cuba recognizes that there is no simple conclusion or policy that will properly solve the growing ambitions of the world surrounding the sectarian conflict. Despite these growing conflicts Cuba believes that putting an end to these omnipotent conflicts will lead to a better world. Countries with an interest in de-escalating these sectarian conflicts must take similar initiatives to plan and make sure these conflicts get resolved. The Republic of Cuba calls on the nations of Argentina, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Gabon, Finland, North Korea, and Albania to ensure their priorities are in the best interest of the world as a whole. Furthermore, Cuba looks forward to working with these nations and all other parties to create a cohesive solution to tackle this pervasive issue.