September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Situation in Sudan

Country: Gabon
Delegate Name: Noah Breukink

2023-Situation in Sudan
Noah Breukink
Security Council

The Republic of Gabon recognizes the gravity of the situation in Sudan and extends its deepest condolences to the people of Sudan who have endured considerable challenges. As a responsible member of the international community, Gabon believes in the importance of collaborative efforts to address the complex issues facing Sudan and work towards lasting solutions.

Gabon acknowledges the historical and socio-political complexities that have contributed to the challenges in Sudan. The country has closely followed developments, taking note of the aspirations of the Sudanese people for peace, stability, and democratic governance.

Gabon reaffirms the principles of sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. While acknowledging the need for international assistance in addressing humanitarian concerns, Gabon emphasizes the importance of respecting Sudan’s sovereignty and supporting Sudanese-led initiatives.

Gabon expresses deep concern over the humanitarian situation in Sudan, particularly the displacement of civilians and the impact on vulnerable populations. We call for unrestricted access for humanitarian organizations to provide aid and assistance to those in need. Gabon believes in the importance of addressing the root causes of the humanitarian crisis to achieve a sustainable solution.

Gabon advocates for the use of diplomatic means and dialogue to resolve the conflicts in Sudan. We encourage the international community to support and facilitate inclusive negotiations among the various stakeholders in Sudan, with the aim of finding comprehensive and lasting solutions that address the concerns of all parties involved.

Gabon supports the role of the United Nations and African Union in peacekeeping efforts in Sudan. We believe in the importance of strengthening regional cooperation and collaboration to address the root causes of conflict and promote stability in Sudan and the broader region.

Gabon stresses the significance of national reconciliation and inclusivity in Sudan’s political processes. In order to achieve a sustainable and inclusive peace, it is imperative that all segments of Sudanese society are given the opportunity to participate in the country’s political and social reconstruction.

In conclusion, Gabon remains committed to supporting international efforts aimed at achieving peace, stability, and development in Sudan. We call upon the international community to work collaboratively, respecting Sudan’s sovereignty, and ensuring that any actions taken are in line with the principles of the United Nations Charter.

Delegates of Gabon are ready and open to engage in constructive dialogue with other member states to formulate effective and comprehensive solutions to address the situation in Sudan.

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