September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Informal Settlements

Country: Argentina
Delegate Name: Eva Gavin

Committee: UN Development Program
Topic: Informal Settlements
Country: Kingdom of Argentina
Delegate: Eva Gavin, Forest Hills Northern High School

Argentina is aware of the problems presented by informal settlements inside its boundaries as well as the significance of sustainable urban development. The problem of informal settlements is intricate and diverse, requiring an expansive and cooperative strategy at the global level. Argentina is a nation dedicated to inclusive development and social justice, and we think that resolving the issue of informal settlements is essential to safeguarding the welfare of our people.

We recognize that a number of issues, such as poverty, accelerated urbanization, a lack of affordable housing, and poor urban planning, contribute to the emergence of informal settlements. The substantial expansion of informal settlements in Argentina has made it more difficult to provide citizens with necessities like healthcare, education, and sanitation. To effectively address these problems, a comprehensive approach that considers specifics of every nation is needed.

Argentina has taken many steps to alleviate the problems that informal settlements present. Our government has made investments in social housing initiatives to give vulnerable communities access to reasonably priced housing. Acknowledging the significance of infrastructure development in enhancing the standard of living for residents, we have strove to enhance the accessibility of fundamental services in informal settlements.

Argentina believes that solving the problem of informal settlements requires cooperation between parties. In order to provide successful procedures, resources, and knowledge in addressing informal settlements, we recommend creating an international task force inside the UNDP that consists of states, non-governmental organizations, and international agencies. Argentina encourages greater funding for initiatives that develop local governments’ capacity to carry out efficient urban planning and management plans. In order to address the underlying causes of informal settlements, this involves providing training in inclusive policies, community participation, and sustainable urban development. Argentina requests more funding from the international community through the UNDP in order to execute thorough plans for combating informal settlements, acknowledging the financial limitations that many nations confront. The provision of basic services in informal settlements, infrastructure development, and social housing initiatives should all receive this support. Argentina is dedicated to collaborating with the UNDP and the global community to find long-term solutions for the informal settlement problem. Through targeting the underlying factors, enhancing local capacity, and offering financial assistance, we can establish a more equitable and accessible urban setting for everybody. Argentina is prepared to have beneficial discussions with other nations in order to create substantial and efficient solutions to deal with this urgent problem.

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