September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: Argentina
Delegate Name: Eva Gavin

Committee: UN Development Program
Topic: Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation
Country: Kingdom of Argentina
Delegate: Eva Gavin, Forest Hills Northern High School

Argentina sees safeguarding employees against labor exploitation as an essential human right and a key component of sustainable growth, we understand how important this is. Since the problem transcends national boundaries, worldwide cooperation is required to develop and implement workable solutions. Argentina is persistent in its commitment to promoting just and fair working conditions, protecting workers’ dignity, and collaborating with others to address the worldwide issues brought on by labor exploitation.

Our country has a long history of defending workers’ rights and putting laws in place that keep them safe from exploitation. The nation has continuously modified its institutional and legislative frameworks to guarantee fair pay, suitable work hours, and safe working conditions for employees, dating back to historic labor struggles. Despite these initiatives, problems still exist, mainly with regard to migrant worker treatment and unregulated labor markets.

Argentina supports the UN’s efforts to combat worker exploitation, as demonstrated by the numerous resolutions and proclamations made within the UN Development Program. Argentina, which emphasizes the need for extensive solutions, is in favor of current UN initiatives that advance social discourse, strengthen legal frameworks, and improve international collaboration in the fight against labor exploitation.

Argentina advocates that in order to find and close the flaws in worker protection, a thorough analysis of both domestic and international labor laws be conducted. This involves taking specific measures to combat child labor, forced labor, and employment discrimination. Argentina supports the promotion of inclusive and transparent communication at the national and international levels between employers, employees, and governments. The result of this discussion needs to be the creation of workable laws and methods for stopping and dealing with labor exploitation. Argentina supports national and international capacity building projects because we understand the value of empowered enforcement. To improve their capacity to identify and address instances of labor exploitation, law enforcement, labor inspectors, and businesses must get training. Argentina urges that nations, non-governmental groups, and international organizations work together more closely. The main goals of this cooperative endeavor should be to exchange information, share efficient methods, and create a coordinated strategy to stop labor exploitation everywhere. Argentina is adamant in its determination to work together with the UN Development Program in order to confront the issues of labor exploitation and defend workers’ rights across the globe. Argentina hopes to make a major contribution to the ongoing global efforts to promote a fair and equitable working environment for all by building on past successes, aligning with UN stances, and advocating for concrete actions to be taken.

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