September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Delegate Name: Alex Mochel

Disarmament and International Security
Reduction of Military Budgets
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Alex Mochel, Forest Hills Northern High School

Worldwide, the inflation of military budgets and size has grown exponentially. Historically, the massive buildup of military budgets and spending without righteous causes has facilitated the most significant conflicts our world has seen. Before the First World War, massive military spending combined with complicated alliances led to a tense situation easily sparked by a minor conflict in the Balkan states. This conflict was actively caused by substantial military budgets that increased tensions until the breaking point was met.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has maintained a policy of self-reliance and
prioritized national defense to safeguard its sovereignty. In context to the nation’s geographical location on the Korean Peninsula, the Korean War and continuing regional tensions have influenced the DPRK’s approach to military budgeting. With this context, it is vital to understand that the DPRK is currently in a conflict. Given this, the continuation of the construction of a strong defense posture ensures stability and security for the nation during this time of significant threat.
Currently, South Korea contains an active military personnel of 500,000 soldiers and a substantial arsenal of weapons to support its growing military. This military buildup is an offensive action of the nation, and in response to these increases, the DPRK is forced to increase military spending continuously. Beyond this, South Korea holds 30,000 foreign troops and has historically received well over 2 billion dollars in aid. These massive acts of aggression have pushed the DPRK to continuously increase its budget and spending on the military in defense of hostility.
Unlike the ongoing conflict involving the DPRK, numerous nations across the world have continuously increased military budgets despite no active engagement or threat. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recognizes the importance of addressing this issue in pursuing global peace and security. The DPRK acknowledges this call for the reduction of military budgets. At the same time, it recognizes the importance of this issue; it also emphasizes the unique security challenges and situations it is in. The presence of foreign military forces near and on the Korean Peninsula and the continual geopolitical tensions require a vigilant and pragmatic approach to current military spending.
As a sovereign nation committed to peace and self-defense, the DPRK is open to constructive dialogue. It believes a balanced and cooperative approach is necessary to achieve meaningful results. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea calls upon decreasing military expenditure in nations not currently in conflict or under serious threat. This reduction is vital in reducing tensions and maintaining world peace altogether.