September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: Finland
Delegate Name: Johanna Renucci

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Militarization of Outer Space
The Republic of Finland
Johanna Renucci, Forest Hills Northern Highschool

Finland recognizes the increasing importance of outer space activities and is honored to contribute to the discussions in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) on the crucial issue of the militarization of outer space. Recognizing the significance of outer space activities for scientific, economic, and communication purposes, Finland emphasizes the need for international cooperation to prevent the weaponization of this vital domain. Outer space plays a crucial role in advancing scientific knowledge, fostering international cooperation, and supporting economic development. Satellites orbiting the Earth contribute to weather monitoring, telecommunications, navigation, and scientific research. As a nation committed to the peaceful use of outer space, Finland is concerned about the potential consequences of its militarization, including the escalation of tensions, the risk of armed conflict, and the impairment of peaceful space activities.
Finland reaffirms its commitment to the existing legal framework governing outer space, particularly the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. This treaty, which Finland has ratified, prohibits the deployment of weapons of mass destruction in outer space and emphasizes the peaceful use of space for the benefit of all countries. As a responsible space-faring nation, Finland believes in upholding and strengthening these international agreements. Finland strongly opposes the weaponization of outer space and believes that the prevention of an arms race in this domain is of paramount importance. The international community should work together to develop and strengthen norms, rules, and mechanisms to prevent the deployment of weapons in outer space. Finland encourages the DISEC to consider the formulation of a comprehensive treaty or code of conduct to prevent the weaponization of outer space.
Finland supports the establishment of transparency and confidence-building measures to enhance predictability and reduce the risk of misunderstanding or miscalculation in outer space activities. States should be encouraged to exchange information about their space capabilities, activities, and intentions in a timely and voluntary manner. Finland suggests the exploration of a mechanism within the United Nations framework to facilitate such exchanges. Finland believes that international cooperation is crucial for the peaceful use of outer space. The international community should collaborate on research, development, and the sharing of technology for the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes. Finland encourages the establishment of cooperative mechanisms to address common challenges, such as space debris mitigation and the responsible use of space resources.
Finland remains committed to the principles of peace, cooperation, and the responsible use of outer space. By preventing the weaponization of outer space, promoting transparency, and fostering international cooperation, the global community can ensure the continued peaceful and sustainable use of this crucial domain. Finland looks forward to engaging in constructive dialogue with fellow member states to develop effective measures that safeguard outer space for the benefit of present and future generations.