September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: United arab Emirates
Delegate Name: Karmen Rozelle

The United Arab Emirates recognizes the increasing importance of outer space activities and wishes to acknowledge their potential benefits. With that being said, the United Arab Emirates strongly believes in maintaining space solely for peaceful use. Furthermore, the United Arab Emirates encourages other nations to develop their space capabilities peacefully, recognizing the numerous benefits associated with such endeavors. The country advocates for international cooperation to prevent the weaponization of space.
The United Arab Emirates asserts that outer space should be utilized primarily for scientific research and exploration. It aims to uphold treaties dedicated to keeping outer space free from military conflicts. While outer space has traditionally been considered a place for research, recent developments have raised concerns about the potential militarization of this domain, prompting the need for a rise in attention.
The United Arab Emirates is committed to the peaceful use of outer space and calls upon the international community to collaborate in preventing its militarization. The country seeks to foster diplomatic ties with nations rather than engaging in conflict. Upholding principles of cooperation, the UAE will develop a plan with three key priorities to maintain peace in outer space:
Prevention of Weaponization: The UAE opposes the deployment of weapons in outer space, including any activities that could harm other nations.

Peaceful Use: Outer space should be utilized for scientific research and exploration, promoting the peaceful advancement of knowledge and technology.

National Cooperation: The UAE emphasizes the importance of responsible national cooperation in outer space activities, ensuring that exploration is conducted responsibly.

By focusing on these priorities, the United Arab Emirates aims to contribute to the global effort to keep outer space a peaceful and collaborative domain.

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