September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Finland
Delegate Name: Johanna Renucci

Finland, a nation dedicated to maintaining regional and global peace and security, recognizes the delicate balance between national security and global cooperation. Finland aims to contribute constructively to discussions on finding sustainable solutions to reduce military expenditures. As a member of the international community, Finland understands the necessity of maintaining a strong and capable defense force to safeguard national sovereignty and protect its citizens. However, Finland acknowledges the global challenges that necessitate collective efforts to allocate resources effectively, address pressing issues such as poverty, climate change, and healthcare, and promote international stability.
Finland maintains a transparent and accountable defense policy, with its military budget designed to meet the nation’s security needs while adhering to fiscal responsibility. Finland is committed to regularly reviewing and optimizing its defense spending to ensure efficiency, accountability, and alignment with evolving security challenges.
Finland believes that multilateral approaches to security challenges are essential. By fostering international cooperation, sharing the burden of security, and engaging in collective defense initiatives, nations can reduce the need for excessive military expenditures. Finland encourages the exploration of regional security partnerships and alliances to enhance collective security. Finland is committed to arms control and disarmament measures that contribute to reducing the overall global military expenditure. Supporting existing treaties and agreements, Finland advocates for the negotiation and implementation of further agreements that limit the development and proliferation of arms, fostering a more secure international environment. Finland recognizes the importance of addressing the root causes of conflicts to reduce the demand for military spending. Diplomacy, conflict prevention, and the peaceful resolution of disputes should be prioritized, and the international community should invest in early warning mechanisms and mediation efforts to prevent conflicts from escalating.
Finland proposes the establishment of a working group within DISEC to explore effective strategies for reducing military budgets while maintaining global security. This working group would be tasked with studying best practices, sharing experiences, and formulating recommendations for member states to consider when reviewing their defense spending. Finland believes that a comprehensive and cooperative approach is necessary to address the reduction of military budgets. By promoting multilateralism, supporting arms control measures, and prioritizing conflict prevention, the international community can work towards a more secure world while ensuring that resources are allocated responsibly to meet the diverse challenges facing humanity.

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