September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Repatriation of Refugees

Country: Ukraine
Delegate Name: Christian Boyce

Committee: Human Rights Council
Topic: Repatriation of Refugees
Country: Ukraine
Delegate: Christian Boyce
School: Forest Hills Northern High School

The displacement of refugees has been a growing issue in recent decades, with 36.4 million refugees worldwide in 2023. 52% percent of refugees worldwide originate from three countries: Ukraine, Syria, and Afghanistan. In contrast, only 404,000 refugees were returned to their countries of origin. There has been progress made to aid refugees with return to their country of origin, but greater international involvement is required in order to resolve this great issue. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has supported and provided a framework for the voluntary repatriation of refugees. However, many additional human rights issues have presented themselves. There are many improvements to be made regarding the most effective and ethical approach to repatriation.
Since February of 2022, Ukraine has been involved in a humanitarian crisis due to the Russian occupation of Crimea and many proximate oblasts (provinces) within the country.Due to this violation of territorial integrity and human rights, 6.3 million Ukrainian citizens have become refugees, with few returning. 90% of these refugees are women and children, bringing with them additional concerns for their fundamental rights and with repatriation and reintegration. The majority of these refugees have fled to neighbouring and other European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia, and Germany. Ukraine seeks cooperation with these states and all others hosting refugees for a safe and ethical return to their countries of origin.
The United Nations has done considerable work to aid refugees in regards to repatriation. The UNHCR has supported refugees in voluntary repatriation and reintegration and has created a framework through which to go about this process. Eight ongoing emergencies have been named by the UNHCR across multiple countries and continents, which it has supported to meet basic needs and aid in repatriation. However, there is still much work to be done to accomplish the goal and avoid human rights issues.
Due to the wide range of crises across the world, an inclusive, universal approach to the issue for refugee repatriation is necessary. Creating a general solution will provide not only an effective remedy for current emergencies, but also one for future crises of a similar nature. Ukraine looks forward to working with its allies and other nations to resolve the many issues that come with repatriating refugees. Ukraine hopes to find a solution to ease and expedite the process of returning refugees to their countries of origin.