September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Proliferation of Ballistic Missiles

Country: Brazil
Delegate Name: Hernanz

Greetings delegates. Ballistic missiles have made countries stronger since the 13th century, but they have also had catastrophic consequences, one being the cause of death of millions. When used for innovation, ballistic missiles have gotten man to space. This just shows how everything can be used for good and bad. It is important that we set our differences aside and cooperate so that tragedies are avoided.

First, the delegation of Brazil condemns the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the missile launches it’s done, especially intercontinental ones. Not only are these launches prohibited by the United Nations Security Council, but these also destabilize international security. The delegation urges North Korea to stop doing acts that get in the way of dialogue and democratic negotiation and to adhere to the Nuclear test Ban and Non-Proliferation treaties. Brazil also strongly encourages surrounding countries to do the same and put more effort in engaging North Korea to renew their missile tests.

Brazil does not see it necessary to ban ballistic missiles for space exploration. However, it is important that ballistic missiles are regulated. The delegation wishes to emphasize that it is important to only use these technologies for peaceful and innovative purposes. This is important because deaths and wars can be avoided this way.

In order for peace to prevail, missiles and powerful weapons must not exist for the harming of others. If countries center their technologies on innovation, a lot of progress will be made, and millions of deaths will be avoided.

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