September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Arctic Circle Resource Exploitation

Country: Ukraine
Delegate Name: Andrew Klein

Arctic Circle Exploration
The Arctic Circle is an important economic zone and a normally a key research allyship between A5 countries. However, the unjust illegal invasion of Ukraine has caused this key allyship to be interrupted. The other A5 nations, Denmark, Norway, United States, and Canada have cut ties over this allyship. Ukraine thanks these nations for standing up to the tyrannical militant power of Russia. Additionally, Russia uses the arctic for military bases and training, using this area that is so prone to climate change is dangerous and immoral. The delegation of Ukraine would like to see a ban of military activity inside the arctic circle. Russia is using the arctic as another way that their government can do illegal activities and to get more power. The arctic should be a neutral area so that the nations drilling and doing key research can continue without the distractions and danger of Russian aggression.
As a country not near the arctic, Ukraine does not benefit from the fruits of the area. With 30% and 13% of the world’s undiscovered natural gas and oil in this area Ukraine does not benefit from this. Ukraine would like to see countries that do not have vast energy and oil reserves get a piece of the pie. This is very important to Ukraine as the Russian invasion has caused an energy crisis within the country. Being able to tap into the world’s largest area of undiscovered oil and gas would help Ukraine power its country and be able to fight better and not be in such an economic recession. The climate impact of this is not Ukraine’s biggest concern. The concern should be about the use of the area for military reasons. Ukraine would encourage Russia to stop their unjust invasion so that the A5 can get back together.
Ukraine would support the following, closing the arctic circle airspace to military aircraft. Ban military bases from being in the arctic circle. Revoke drilling privileges from countries using its profits to fund unjust wars. Ukraine wants a stronger ruling body of the arctic to protect the environment and also regulate what drilling is going on there so that the resources drilled can be maximized to help the global economy.

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