September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Determining the Legitimacy of Secession Movements

Country: Ukraine
Delegate Name: Andrew Klein

Legitimacy of Secession Movements

Secession and separatist movements have been very important in Ukraine’s history, illegitimate separatist groups have ravaged the people of Ukraine recently. One of the largest ideas of the UN charter is the right to self-determination by a group of people. This idea is heavily debated as the definition of a group of people and what brings them together can change from nation to nation. Ukraine would like to see a set standard to what defines a secession movement and penalties for foreign governments who meddle with these groups to start global conflict.
Ukraine in recent history has been ravaged by illegitimate seccion groups paid for by Russia. Russia has tried to occupy Crimea and the Dobnas regions of Ukraine because of fringe separatist groups. Russia has made these regions “People’s Republics” even though few citizens want these areas to go back to the brutal and tyrannical Russian regime. Russia has done this by propaganda. Wrongfully accusing Ukraine of having a “genoicde” against Russian speakers in these regions. These false claims has cost the lives of thousands of Ukrainians has impacted millions more through the horrors of war.
Ukraine does not believe that all secession or separatist groups are illegitimate.There are many groups who want freedom from religious persecution or have legitimate claims to a land. However, in cases like ours where there is an obvious outside body meddling in the region there can be no legitimacy.
Ukraine would like to see solutions such as penalties for nations who interfere in people’s rights to have self-determination. The people in the Donbas region and Crimea want to be Ukranains but the Russian governments has filmed fake videos, shot down planes and claimed genocide to make Ukraine look like the bad guys. Russia is a bad influence, trying to go on power trips to relieve the U.S.S.R. Ukraine would also like to see secession groups have to state their common goal, this can help determine legitimacy. There is a big difference in a group that wants freedom from execution to a terrorist group who are political outsiders.

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