September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Situation in Yemen

Topic: 2024-Situation in Yemen
Country: India
Delegate Name: Julia Malone

Republic of India
Situation in Yemen

India and Yemen have maintained consistent peaceful relations for 2,000 years, a relationship that has extended into the modern era. Before the Yemeni Civil War, India helped Yemen significantly with the formation of its healthcare and education systems and aspires to continue doing so after the war concludes. During wartime, we have provided humanitarian aid and healthcare services to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, privileges which have subsequently been afforded to the incumbent Abdur Rabi government.
India does not wish for an end-all-be-all victory for either the Houthis or the Abdur Rabi government, but rather a diarchy composed of equitable representation from both parties. We would look favorably upon a system similar to that of the United Arab Emirates, where a president is elected by the Federal National Council, which has 40 members that represent each emirate proportionally by population. It is important to note that Yemen used to be North Yemen and South Yemen, so incorporating representatives from both geographical areas is of the utmost importance to ensure a lasting peace. It is also important to install a diarchy, or two heads of state, to represent both the Abdur Rabi government and the Houthi groups.
Any permanent solution will take time to implement and should not be brought to the Secretary-General or the General Assembly before the Office of the Special Envoy to the Secretary-General for Yemen has considered it. In the meantime, India would look favorably upon a request that the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development fund the implementation of peacekeeping operations in the region and a request to humanitarian organizations to continue their work in Yemen. India would be willing to supply healthcare workers and educational support as we have done in the past.
India is excited for SIMUN and is looking forward to discussing peace proposals extensively in committee!

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