September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Forced Labour

Topic: 2024-Forced Labour
Country: Denmark
Delegate Name: Stella Yakima

Forced labor is currently a prevalent and important issue the nation of Denmark believes needs to be stopped. On the topic of human trafficking, Denmark has many laws in place to prevent, suppress, and punish trafficking among the population especially in women and children. In 1957 Denmark ratified C105-Abolition of Forced Labor Convention which document displays Denmark’s thoughts on forced labor and includes they will suppress and stop forced labor in the event of political coercion or punishment, as a method for economic gain, labor discipline, as a punishment for participating in strikes or rallies, and as means of discrimination against race, religion, social or national affiliations. In Denmark on average every year there are less than 100 human trafficking victims.
The nation of Denmark also works very hard to further protect victims of trafficking even after they’ve been released from the industry. The center against human trafficking or the CMM provided shelters or safe houses and health care, educational, and social services. Child victims are found foster homes quickly by municipal child protection authorities. The Danish Red Cross is partially funded by the government and is working hard to assist children in facilities and check them for signs of trafficking. Although Denmark has made incredible progress there is still a lot of work to get done to protect men, women, and children from forced labor.
As a whole the UN can improve by searching for signs of trafficking, making safety more accessible, and spreading awareness about trafficking and the damage it can and has already caused to society.