September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Right to Organize

Topic: 2024-Right to Organize
Country: Denmark
Delegate Name: Stella Yakima

A Union is an organization formed by workers who come together and use their strength to have a stronger voice in the workplace. In Denmark, freedom of association and organizations are protected by law. This means all citizens and employees have the right to join a union and it is against the law for employers to discriminate against their employees for joining a union. There is an exception to this law though. If a business or company is formulated around an ideological, political, cultural, or religious idea or view, the employer can demand all employees believe in that idea. Denmark strongly believes all citizens should have a say in their workplace. It is important to have unions in workplaces because they promote human rights and enforce necessary change.
The nation of Denmark would like to expand this right that Danish citizens have to the citizens of other countries through the UN. It would benefit employees because they will have a voice and a say in their future and in the workplace as well as benefiting employers due to a sense of trust. Furthermore, these rights will improve the economy on a larger scale because small companies and businesses are improving their quality of work. It is important that unions are protected in the UN to improve economic equality, create safe environments, and to provide better benefits to those who need them.
The Kingdom of Denmark looks forward to discussing this topic more in committee!

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