September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Right to Organize

Topic: 2024-Right to Organize
Country: Gabon
Delegate Name: Owen Krueger

Submitted to: International Labor Organization
From: Gabon
Subject: The Right to Organize
The Gabonese Republic firmly believes that workers have the right to unionize in order to argue for better working conditions and within the nation’s unions are allowed to strike as long as it is not a danger to public safety. Additionally, Gabon believes that unions should be protected to prevent workers from being exploited especially by large conglomerates. It is crucial that the UN and ILO work to ensure these protections for all workers.
Gabon recognizes that there is more to the question on the right to organize than just can workers go on a peaceful strike but how to establish international labor laws to further protect workers in nations where speaking out could be dangerous. The Gabonese Republic also recognises the rights of corporations to conduct business and believes that strikes must be carried out on proper grounds.
Gabon feels that the ILO and UN should further work towards protecting workers in exploitative environments (unfair working conditions, forced labor, limited or no government protection, and anti-union policy for example). Although the Gabonese Republic understands that workers have the right to unionize and strike this must not be unfair to the corporation or be a threat to public safety otherwise it is unproductive.
The Gabonese Republic argues that article 23 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights shows the UN’s commitment to unions and helping workers, and on top of article 23 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights should better enforce the right to organize.
The Gabonese Republic is eager to reach a solution that can suit all global needs, and looks forward to discussing this further in committee.

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