September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Situation in Yemen

Topic: 2024-Situation in Yemen
Country: France
Delegate Name: Will McConnell

As a country long devoted to liberty, equality, and fraternity the French Republic has stood behind the Yemeni people in the prospect of peace and democracy since the start of this upheaval. We feel it is important to recognise the damage brought upon the Yemeni people under the rule of the Houthis and seek to advocate for those without a voice.

The men and women of Yemen are suffering. The children of Yemen are suffering. The safety of the masses should be of utmost importance. With this in mind, France commends the Saudi and Iranian governments for restoring diplomatic relations last March in the hopes of ending the unrest in Yemen.
Furthermore, France calls upon our fellow member states to further support the peace and the safety of the Yemeni populace by drafting a resolution promptly restoring the democracy seen prior to the coup d’état. In this resolution, there are several points the French Republic pins as being of utmost importance and would like to see included.
First and foremost, France would like to see an immediate and permanent ceasefire. We feel that this is the responsibility of each and every United Nations member to see through in full as it is in the best interest to all those involved.

Until a ceasefire is achieved, the French Republic is pleased to continue our financial support in aiding the Yemeni civilians.

Second, France would like to see a political solution that will advocate for not only the protection of Yemeni men but that also calls to attention the importance of advocating for Yemeni women and seeing them as an important aspect in shaping Yemen’s future.

Lastly, France wishes to see a call for Ansar Allah to release the detained humanitarian personnel swiftly and unconditionally as well as to see the condemnation of Ansar Allah in regards to their recent attack in the Red Sea.

The French Republic eagerly awaits working with each and every fellow delegate to reach a solution to this ongoing problem.

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