September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Repatriation of Refugees

Country: Ethiopia
Delegate Name: Casey Nelson

Submitted To: Human Rights Council
From Ethiopia
Subject: Repatriation of Refugees

The nation of Ethiopia recognizes refugee repatriation as an issue of great significance. Due to the growth of armed conflicts in neighboring countries such as Sudan, Somalia, and Eritrea, a large number of refugees have found refuge in Ethiopia. In addition to this, an armed conflict broke out in northern Ethiopia, although this conflict ended close to a year ago it left Ethiopia with a large number of Internationally Displaced People (IDPs), along with the large droughts and floods that also this displacement. Refugees in Ethiopia are currently facing many struggles, things like lack of education, employment, and access to clean water are only some of the things refugees in Ethiopia struggle with.

Ethiopia would like to find ways to safely and effectively send refugees home, but Ethiopia simply cannot provide adequate care for all the refugees. Unfortunately, Ethiopia is unable to provide aid to countries with similar problems, Ethiopia wants to work with refugees and countries of origin to find out the best way to get them home safely. Another thing Ethiopia wants to work on is making sure refugees that are still in Ethiopia have adequate care, things like making sure refugees have access to food and water are very critical in making sure they make it home.

Ethiopia would like to work with the countries these refugees are from to figure out how they can return safely. Ethiopia is interested in finding out ways to help get refugees home, pursuing things like providing transportation across borders as well as guaranteeing education and jobs in their home countries can be effective ways to help get refugees home. Other incentives like housing could also help them go home.

The nation of Ethiopia recognizes Article 14 of the Declaration of Human Rights, that everyone has the right to seek refuge in another country. Ethiopia also acknowledges the 1951 UN refugee convention which stated that a refugee cannot be returned to their country of origin if it is unsafe. Ethiopia will fully comply with these precedents, the only concern with the refugee convention is that the nation of Ethiopia is becoming unable to keep all the refugees, and if they can’t go home and they can’t stay in Ethiopia; Ethiopia would like to call on aid from other countries that could assist and lighten the load of refugees.
The nation of Ethiopia is optimistic about this committee’s ability to come to a decision that not only helps our nation and the refugees we have but other countries that may be facing similar issues as well as setting a good precedent for how situations like this can be handled in the future.

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