September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Repatriation of Refugees

Country: Algeria
Delegate Name: Adrian Vasicek

Refugee Repatriation
The issue of repatriation of refugees is a prevalent one for the country of Algeria. Algeria has many Sahrawi refugees located within the country. This is due to past and current Western Sahara political conflicts. While in the past Algeria has had issues with the safety and well-being of refugees, the government now works with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in order to prevent violence and to provide for the refugees. The government also works with the refugee’s country of origin in order to decide when repatriation is necessary and fit. While refugees cannot work in Algeria, they can attend schools and have access to medical care. The government would like to swifty relocate the refugees back to their home countries, as Algeria cannot continue to support the refugees and has been struggling to keep refugees safe. It is important to Algeria that refugees can return home, as we cannot support them or give them jobs. Algeria notes that the returning of the Sahrawi refugees isn’t the best course of action at this time, due to the Western Sahara Conflict still happening. Returning the refugees to a war zone would not be safe and would not benefit anyone; Algeria still hopes that the conflict is resolved soon so the thousands of refugees located in the camps can return home.
The country of Algeria would see fit for the committee to focus on the continuation of repatriation of refugees to their home countries. The main concerns of continuing this are the ability of the refugees to reintegrate into their home countries, the stability and safety of the home country for refugees, and if the return of refugees will cause the country of origin to restart conflicts. Algeria has received aid from the EU humanitarian funding and others. However, due to the invasion of Ukraine and the Covid pandemic, the amount of money needed for aid has increased. At this time is it not appropriate for Algeria to provide funds to other countries as Algeria is using all of its funds for its current refugees. In all, Algeria is open to working with other countries throughout the world to support the reintegration of refugees. As well as, working to protect refugees from torment of their home countries.
While Algeria cannot provide funds to this specific issue, it can provide solutions that would help other countries and benefit the refugees. Looking at things such as job availability in home countries and schools would be beneficial. If the home countries allow all to access education and to work for fair wages, the refugees would be likely to quickly reintegrate into society. Another solution that Algeria supports is preventing violence through UN laws and assistance, as well as, outlining punishment for attacks on ethnic groups and other minorities.
Algeria wants to work to help the repatriation of refugees. As not only would it benefit Algeria but it would support the rights of refugees. Having safety for refugees allows them to return home in a swift fashion and relieves countries of funding that they have to put into camps to support refugees. This funding would help countries housing refugees, who it isn’t safe to return home, further support the refugees and build communities. The end goal is for all refugees to be safely returned home and be able to support themselves and their country.

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