September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: Belarus
Delegate Name: Lydia Lawrenson

The Republic of Belarus acknowledges the consideration of the militarization of outer space, and how that may be deemed appealing for some nations, or as a violation of peace by others. However, for all nations, let us be reminded of the moral of equity, and therefore to contribute to what our society has become now, and how to only make decisions like this to evolve us further for the better. It only makes sense that to go forward with technological advancements, our nations must grow past the ozone in the sense of industries thrivinging off of new jobs, as well as the opportunity for economic growth in the realm of space exploration. To prevent this growth, would only damage our alliance with our neighboring country Russia, whom our resources, economy and defense systems are spread between. We support Russia’s motion towards strengthening the safety of our nations. To take a further step in this direction we must debate the following question: “ Is the Outer Space Treaty outdated and is now inconsiderate of the needs of the modern people and current world issues that have the potential to be dealt with in a more advanced and efficient way?”. As we all share a common goal among the United Nations, trust and cooperation must be established to ensure that there will be no miscommunication upon power dynamic and false usage of military weapons. It is natural that there will be lands that will take the lead in this technological advancement, but they will be those who are most suitable in funds and have the knowledge and capabilities to do so. In Conclusion, The Republic of Belarus plans to support its neighboring ally Russia in whatever they may pursue in the exploration of growing and developing technology. Because of Belarus’s lack of military destruction weapons, since the 1990s, however, our space agency will follow whatever Russia does with the expectation that aid and goods are given to us. Russia has a high likelihood to take a leading role in the militarization of outer space, which will in turn be the best course of action for the individual states that make up the UN.
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