September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: Venezuela
Delegate Name: Young

From: Venezuela
Subject: Militiraztion of Outer Space

For the past 70 years as the expansion of space has become ever so popular, the country of Venezuela has not been very interested in space. However, this year the nation of Venezuela has been invited to join China in creating a research base on the moon which we have accepted, and we hope to send the first Venezuelan citizens to the moon very soon. However, we do have some fears of potential attacks on our mission to the moon and preventing the militarizing of space could prevent this from happening.
The nation of Venezuela believes that if we militarize space, other nations in the future could potentially compromise this research base, by possibly destroying it or by stealing our research and risk the lives of some of Venezuelas best and brightest minds, as well as China’s. We strongly support the 1967 Space Treaty, and we hope every other nation here today does the same. Venezuela is interested in continuing to explore space, but we hope that we can do so safely.
However the Space treaty of 1967 only prevents countries from possessing weapons of mass destruction in space. We believe to help prevent further conflict in space, not only involving the country of Venezuela, but any country from using space to strategize military operations, that we prevent countries from using outer space for any military operations, whether these are involving weapons of mass destruction or not. Space is for us to explore right now. And as a nation we hope to explore it without having any militaries potentially interfering with our research that we hope to conduct in the future alongside China.
It is our main goal to expand upon the Space treaty of 1967 to prevent not only countries from possessing weapons of mass destruction, but weapons of any sort, and any sorts of military bases or intelligence bases to prevent any conflict or negative interactions with not specifically Venezuela’s space research, but all nations’ research of space.

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