September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Venezuela
Delegate Name: Young

From: Venezuela
Subject: Reduction of Military Budgets

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and for the past 3 years, Venezuela has been going through an economic crisis like this country has not seen in years. Due to this, our military spending has been limited. We understand that many large nations have been spending a lot of funds on their military budget, and other countries may want to limit this. However, Venezuela hopes to prevent this as many other nations are going through intense economical crises as a result of Covid 19. As a result, many nations have had to cut military spending to help balance federal budgets. As a result of the . Venezuela hopes to prevent this by making an agreement that if we are enforce a reduction of military budgets this discludes countries recovering from these harsh economic crashes like we are in Venezuela. This will not cause smaller nations to increase their spending, but will prevent them form having to cut their budget.
In order to initiate this process, we need to ask ourselves: “What does economic and military recovery look like?” As it stands, the Venezuelan dollar has been increased by 53,798,500% since 2016. Our country is the definition of struggling. Our main issues right now are not on our military spending. We need to completely rebuild our economy, and with that we need to rebuild our military budget. This is this case in many countries rebuilding their economy from COVID, and we hope if any cuts towards global military budgets are put in place, this does not affect us and other rebuilding countries.
Nations like the US are able to fund wars in countries like Ukraine and have increased their budget to do so. I believe that right now with countries like Venezuela struggling with our military budget right now, countries like the US should not be sending money to countries like Israel and Ukraine who already have large military budgets and do not absolutely require international aid, should be disallowed from doing so and instead help fund countries like Venezuela only if they wish to do so. I believe if large militaries going through hard times can receive funding like they are, I believe they should also be helping fund other international militaries who are struggling due to economic reasons.
As I stated in my opening remarks I hope that I can work together with other countries to prevent any possible global military budget cuts to not prevent these rebuilding countries, as we need to focus on our own economic issues while also rebuilding our military fund at the same time.


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