September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: Switzerland
Delegate Name: Broderick Mcdonald

Delicate Name – Broderick Mcdonald
Committee – DISEC (GA)
Country – Switzerland

In the past, present, and future the country of Switzerland has been a neutral country for most conflicts in neighboring countries. Yes, the country of Switzerland is neutral but with their military and laws set in place, they will help bordering countries in conflicts. In the past, we have aided neighboring countries by accepting refugees or mobilizing our army for others. Switzerland’s aid has always been offered freely and we have remained neutral in every major conflict.
Switzerland recognizes that The Outer Space Treaty could become an effective tool for the regulation of nations as the issue of the militarization of outer space becomes more widespread
Switzerland is a country that is committed to maintaining the use of outer space as a safe and sustainable resource for humankind. In the beginnings of ESA Switzerland was a founding member to make sure that space technology and space actions did not become too far out of hand. This shows that they are well familiar with the Outer Space Treaty because they were one of the founding members of the European Space Agency.
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Switzerland would like us to focus on the downsides of The ideas of militarization of outer space. Countries would start using space as a “battleground” or start to pollute space. Potential for “battleground” use would depend on there being technology or wars happening now in space over satellites or any other technology that will be used to look at other countries’ plans. What the country of Switzerland means by this is that the 2nd topic of polluting space is with all of these satellites and other technologies going up in space how are we supposed to make sure they aren’t going to pollute space once we are done with them?

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As the country of Switzerland, there is no conflict nor a resolution for the common knowledge background since we are such a neutral country for all/any events happening in the world. For the pollution problem that was brought up earlier Switzerland is very wealthy in funds to help clean Space. “Switzerland’s ClearSpace is a startup with a solution. It’s working on technology for space debris removal — and has just raised a €26.7m Series A to accelerate the launch of the world’s first-ever space mission to remove a moving, non-cooperative object from orbit”. Switzerland has brought this problem up many times because they are worried about the militarization or weapon materials being hidden or tampered with by space pollution.

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The background information for DISEC is how far will space weapons get in space.
In the textbook of section 2.12, they talk about the beginnings of space technology and how Switzerland was part of something big. This surrounds the issue of how large will all of this get with space technology because this textbook shows us how far they were getting back in 1967 and how far are we going to get in today’s time. Switzerland’s view on space technology is “working with international partners in a targeted way”.,space%20activities%20is%20particularly%20important.

If Switzerland goes at the pace and the views that they are going at right now, I believe that we will see considerable progress and programs for Space technology. The Outer Space Treaty is large right now but with the progress we have shown as a group of the ESA, I believe that space technology will be so advanced that every country with the funds will be talking about space military programs.
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