September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Switzerland
Delegate Name: Broderick Mcdonald

Delicate Name – Broderick Mcdonald
Committee – DISEC (GA)
Country – Switzerland

Although Switzerland is historically neutral in external conflicts, the issue of military spending reductions still has impacts on our security and economy. While countries have the self-determination to protect themselves in an effort to keep their borders and people safe, Switzerland urges countries to consider that spending wildly on militarization, may make other nations feel threatened; causing a cycle of increased militarization but having countries spend proportional amounts to make sure their country is okay is a good way to keep things under control.

The countries’ thoughts about the Reduction of Military Budgets are basically the opposite. The country is trying to go on a defensive point of view since Russia invaded Ukraine. “Switzerland’s armed forces want to spend as much as 50 billion francs ($57 billion) over the next years to cope with a security situation in Europe that has been deteriorating after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the country’s army chief said”. “Switzerland is refocusing its army on national defense,” Thomas Suessli told reporters in Kloten near Zurich on Thursday.

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Switzerland approves of other countries increasing their military budgets to help with financial aid, they approve to an extent of countries keeping their infrastructures right. When countries start to have a larger budget than they need it becomes a threat and a low amount of money becomes a concern.
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Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries with per capita income. A feasible solution to help other countries in wars is for NATO or blocs like EUN to give supplies to these underdeveloped countries before they are in the war so they can have a stock of technology to help them when they are in need. This is a solution that could help because the developed countries give supplies when they can and not when the underdeveloped countries need the supply.
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The background information for the reduction of the military budget is how countries brought down their military budgets after COVID-19 to try and rebuild their economies.
“In Switzerland, a designated group of experts issues its projections for the Swiss economy every quarter. In their figures issued a few days ago, they project a dip in 2020 growth to -1.5 percent versus their pre-pandemic estimate of 1.3 percent. However, they raised their projection for 2021 from 1.2 to 3.3 percent. Their estimates suggest that the unemployment rate will be scarcely touched by COVID-19”. This is not a resolution or a policy that the country put in place to keep their economy basically not affected by COVID-19 19 but by them having people look quarterly at their economy and spending makes sure that they are going to pull through on top.

With talks of reduction of military budgets, there is a chance of countries not having the “best” nor not having militaries like they used to but I believe that if we use smart planning and help the underdeveloped countries before they are in need as I proposed earlier then this won’t be a bigger problem then others think.


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