September 16, 2019
 In 2023-The Principle of Universal Jurisdiction

Country: Algeria
Delegate Name: Grace Hatton

Submitted To: Legal Committee
From: Algeria
Subject: Principal Of Universal Jurisdiction

The principle of universal jurisdiction is to fight impurity and prosecute those suspected of committing inhumane crimes against humanity. In 1960, Algeria ratified the Geneva Conventions to help support this and signed the Rome Statute in 2000. However, Algeria believes that universal jurisdiction should not be taken lightly and only used as a measure of last resort. In Algeria’s legal system, universal jurisdiction is a substitute for the policy of crimes in different nations, not the replacement. Therefore, Algeria expresses strong concerns against universal jurisdiction when used without regard for international justice and equality. Algeria pushes for exceptional character in pursuit of a political agenda to be rejected, as well as the practice of random universal jurisdiction.
Algeria believes that universal jurisdiction is vital to keep purity in the world but also wholeheartedly agrees that universal jurisdiction should be used under good faith, far from any government abuse or influence. They believe that the misuse of universal jurisdiction could have negative consequences on an international level. This poses the question of what Algeria believes is misuse and if other countries will agree with it.

Algeria would like to remind nations that the last time universal jurisdiction was misused was in 2011, when the International Criminal Court, in all eleven years it was running, focused solely on Africa, when unacceptable situations were happening elsewhere in the world and went utterly ignored. The issue of international justice is that it must include respect for both sovereignty and global independence, globally.

Algeria advocates for careful use of universal jurisdiction and pushes its support for the 6th committee to continue its work in the United Nations. They believe the work the 6th Committee does is critical for the scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction and international justice for the respect of equality and political independence of all nations. Algeria believes governments should support this in order for universal jurisdiction to be of use and as said before, Algeria ratified the Geneva Conventions in 1960 and swore to provide every citizen the fundamental rights of protection. In 2000, Algeria signed the Rome Statute, vowed to prosecute the most serious international crimes. However, they have yet to ratify it.

Universal Jurisdiction is essential in preventing impurity and ensuring the prosecution of those guilty of crimes against humanitarian affairs of the world, but only when used in ways that use international justice to respect the sovereignty of other countries. Algeria is fully committed to making the world a better place and ensuring each country has a voice through universal jurisdiction. Algeria wishes the best of luck to every delegate at this year’s GILMUN.