September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Definition of Genocide

Country: Algeria
Delegate Name: Grace Hatton

Submitted To: Legal Committee
From: Algeria
Subject: Definition of Genocide

The very definition of genocide is a planned and deliberate attack against a group of targeted people for a specific reason. Algeria does not stand for this, and in 1963, ratified the Genocide Convention, which swears to “punish the crime of genocide” and those who commit it. In the past, Algeria has had experiences with genocide when fighting for freedom with France, and they have made it clear that Algeria does not condone genocide nor wish genocide upon any nation. When Algerian President Tebboune took to the stage to say that the nation of the world needed to prosecutes those who committed genocide in Israel.

In 1991, Algeria fought a civil war against both France and Isreal and accused France of a mass genocide of their people. Around 1,500,000 Algerians were killed in the war, and crimes such as torture, rape, and massacres of civilians occured. This begs the question of why did Algeria wait all this time for too accuse France of a genocide. Furthermore, this year Algeria conndemmed its former colonial ruler Isreal, for their systematic policy of forcefully opressing, displacing people, and commiting genocide.

Algeria stresses the importance of taking immediate action to halt the expansion of Israeli settlements and prevent acts of violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank. Algeria believes it is essential to hold accountable those who are responsible for the violence in the Gaza Strip by bringing them before the International Criminal Court.

As mentioned earlier, Algeria signed the Genocide Convention along with 152 other countries who all signed too prevent and punish those who commit genocide. Lastly, Algeria wishes the remaining 41 nations to sign the Genocide Covention so all the nations of the world can agree too stop genocide. Algeria wishes for Isreal too be punished for there crimes of genocide against Gaza and wants the conflict between the two too be resolved.


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