September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Central African Republic

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Nina Hall

FROM: Russian Federation
Subject: Central African Republic
Royal Oak High School
Nina Hall

Since the beginning of the civil war in the Central African Republic, the economy has deteriorated quickly and has remained one of the poorest countries in the world. The UN estimates that half of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid to survive. The Russian Federation raises the question of stability for not only the Central African Republic but the whole world’s political system and relations. This civil war dates back to 2003 and has only increased in hostility. The people of Central African Republic are without a doubt struggling and with the significance of humanitarian aid to the population, what solutions can this committee provide in order to decrease the tensions and restore economic and political stability in this country?
As tensions have increased in this past year the Russian Federation has offered support to the country with troops in order to protect the country’s capital, Bangui, from the increasing number of rebel forces. Along with the increasing tensions, the amount of refugees migrating out of the country has increased. The UN refugee agency estimates around 105,000 displaced peoples in the surrounding countries of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Chad and the Republic of Congo. Human rights are also being heavily violated as many have been forced to do inhumane things for food and the spread of disease is growing. But many member nations in the UN have called for a ceasefire and to “disengage the encirclement of Bangui.”
Humanitarian organizations need to act swiftly to circumvent incoming relief supplies and find alternatives to reach those in need. If organizations do not act swiftly, such innovative and costly efforts will be difficult. International stakeholders need to come together to provide significant funding and allow aid agencies to mitigate the worrisome consequences of a deteriorating security situation. The eruption of outrage from the elections may be the final blow to the country’s peace accord from 2019.
Furthermore, not only are the tensions within the country affecting stability and politics but the proxy wars that have pitted the Russian Federation and its allies from Rwanda against France and Chad. The G5 severely compromised the security and safety of the Central African Republic’s population through unfair elections they were championing. The elections that took place were unfair and unsafe causing increased tensions that were avoidable and unnecessary. Now the country has become geopolitical on top of the pre-existing tensions that the Russian Federation and other nations were working to de-escalate and resolve.
The Russian Federation believes that by working together to re-establish political unity across the Central African Republic, without the use of systems that have previously jeopardized this country’s safety and security, then we will be able to quickly and effectively resolve the tensions taking place. The Russian Federation reiterates the importance of calling upon stakeholders and humanitarian organizations in order to find innovative and effective solutions for relief and aid to the population of the Central African Republic.


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