September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Autonomous Weapon Systems

Country: Central African Republic
Delegate Name: Vincent Holden

Country: Central African Republic
Delegate Name: Vincent Holden
Committee: Disarmament and International Security
Topic: Autonomous Weapon Systems

Along with modern warfare technology comes autonomous weapons systems, essentially Artificial Intelligence systems are weapons capable of attacking without human action. These can be terrorist weapons, such as a drone equipped with an IED, or used by the government, such as anti-missile systems, or anti-aircraft systems. While these can be set to only attack incoming threats to a country, with every automatic system, failure is always a possibility. This doesn’t even account for the possibility of hijacking by terrorists.

CAR recognizes the dangers of autonomous weapons. We also recognize the benefit if used properly. The duty of countries is to protect their people. We believe that autonomous weapons can effectively protect its people, such as thwarting missiles that are heading for populated places. However, when used in warfare, especially in places with a civilian population, fatal errors can be made.

With these concerns, CAR proposes a resolution to this subject be brought forth. CAR believes in banning autonomous weapons used in warfare. However, when it comes to banning all autonomous weapons, CAR knows that AWS can be used for good in some scenarios, such as thwarting terrorist attacks and so forth. An agreement needs to be made about the use of AWS used in warfare, as the actions of all countries that use autonomous weapons affect all humans.

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