September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Access to Education for Women and Girls

Country: Israel
Delegate Name: Jane Barnett

The State of Israel
UN Women
Access to Education for Women and Girls

Improving access to education for women and girls needs is a pressing issue. According to UNESCO, 246 million children are subjected to gender-based violence in and around schools every year. Additionally, Two-thirds of the 750 million illiterate adults are women, a proportion
unchanged since 1976, the earliest date available for the world total. These startling statistics, combined with the added challenges for female refugees, low income women, and other disadvantaged groups prove how much action is needed toward’s improving access to education. Child marriage, human trafficking, gender based violence, and more all contribute to this issue. The UN has declared education a fundamental human right, so working to establish equal access for all is paramount.

Israel is the 5th most educated country in the world, with women making up 57% of higher education students. Israel has a strong education system, with both religious and secular public school opportunities. Additionally, child marriage is illegal, and Israel has the Ministry national ministerial-inter an led) MOLSA, that works to reduce domestic violence. Israel recognizes the importance of women’s education, and hopes to work to craft a solution that continues these ideals on a worldwide scale.

Some of these solutions include significant increases in monitoring and discouraging child marriage and trafficking, as well as working to make schools safer, and more sanitary places. The nation of Israel also wishes to emphasize the importance of freedom of religion within girls and women’s education. Israel provides both religious and secular school systems, and hopes to implement solutions that can respect the religious and cultural traditions of the many nations in this committee. Making women and girl’s education more accessible is key to improving conditions of women around the world in general. As such, Israel is excited to work towards international cooperation, and work towards bettering access to education for women and girls.

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