September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Israel-Palestine

Country: Central African Republic
Delegate Name: Haley Berry

The Israel-Palestine conflict is a well established point of discussion within the international community. Nations have become split between the concepts of the legitimacy of Palestine and the entitlement of Israel. Although the issue at hand has no foreseeable compromise, certain propositions serve as plausible answers to the issue, which include a two or single state solution.

The Central African Republic makes its stance on the situation very clear. In an excerpt of a press release of the General Assembly General Debate in 2019, it is clearly stated, “FAUSTIN ARCHANGE TOUADERA, Head of State of Central African Republic, said…In the Middle East, he advocated a two-State solution to the Palestinian-Israel conflict…” Developing two states, one for Israel and one for Palestine, could reasonably bring mutual peace as the solution was originally intended in the Oslo Accords. Although the Accords came to a halt in 2008, rebuilding trust and satisfaction could prove fruitful in developing a compromise.

As a country who gained independence only a few decades ago, the Central African Republic sympathizes with the Palestinian struggle, and recognizes that the two state solution would produce more peaceable conditions than it would to combine the two nations into one. The integration of the two nations would inevitably initiate more bloodshed, as any civil war in history has done. Both the Israelis and Palestinians have fought mercilessly to preserve their own identities and only disaster could come from a single state with no shared language, religion, or culture. Surely nations in support of such a deleterious relationship between Israel and Palestine can find it amongst themselves to consider the dire circumstances that would develop from a supposed ‘unity’.

There is also an ever-present obstacle to obtaining peace because there is no simple way to separate lands between Gaza and the West Bank. We the Central African Republic acknowledges that the concerns behind this issue are valid and legitimate, and that the division of land must be addressed if the international community is to take the two-state solution into account. However, the Central African Republic holds no concrete opinion in regards to how this situation should be handled, and therefore leaves room for suggestions and opinions on the matter.

The Central African Republic has voiced support for the two-state solution, and acknowledges Palestine as a country. Implementing the two-state solution could ensure that citizens of both Israel and Palestine have representation in their own nations, and could potentially end the fighting over Jerusalem. Any decision in regards to Israel and Palestine is of utter importance in either prolonging or concluding this nearly century long ordeal. The Central African Republic is eager to collaborate with delegates to produce effective solutions to the Israel-Palestine conflict and hopes to bring innovative and practical ideas to the committee.


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