September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Cybercrime

Country: Central African Republic
Delegate Name: Hayden Natinsky

Cybercrime is an issue of the modern world yet many countries do not have the right access to protect against these crimes. Data breaches are becoming more common amongst large companies across the globe. In 2020 alone Iomart found that there was a 273% increase in data breaches. Largely due to the rapid change to online spaces once the COVID-19 pandemic hit many major countries. With the almost immediate change to online many spaces were not ready to protect against cyber attacks. One of the biggest platforms used in the beginning of the pandemic was Zoom. With the increase there wasn’t enough time to properly prepare and people started to break into Zoom calls, even though the calls were supposed to secure.
Cybercrime has long been an issue even before the pandemic started and plagues many countries that have low cyber security or no security at all. The Central African Republic hopes to help find a plan that would boost cyber security for those countries. Without a sufficient security developing countries are at higher risk or data breaches which would impact citizens and even their elections. The Central African Republic believes that making sure that elections can be run without fear of hacking or breaches is important and a way of protecting that is through improvement of security. Not only elections, but private information that would put citizens at risk, especially young children.
Big data sentiment analysis could be a useful tool if properly developed and secured. The Central African Republic would like to see the committee figure out a way to make sure that citizen’s information isn’t at risk when using this technology, but believes through well thought out development it could be a useful tool
In setting up good security for these countries there would be a lower chance of data breaches in these countries effecting other countries. If a country doesn’t have sufficient security around important data about other countries or it’s own inner workings then there is a higher risk of information being leaked. Those leaks wouldn’t just affect the original country, but any country which it’s information was leaked, so cyber security in developing countries would also help more developed countries or allies.
A resolution that helps countries with low security will be vital to protecting countries and making sure citizens in all countries are safe. With better security on the internet there will be more security for citizens. The Central African Republic looks forward to working with the committee to find a resolution that would help all countries and citizens.