September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Tigray

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Alex Dukhan

To put it simply and to the point: The Russian Federation does not have a rooster in this fight. The Russian Federation has had its fair share of ethnic quarrels, some still in recent memory like the Chechen wars and all of the surrounding fighting in Dagestan. We recognize the right of people to rule themselves, but also recognize at the same time the right of a nation to rule their rightful territory.
The Russian Federation has found a balance between these two facts. It is why our nation is a federation in the first place. But the Russian Federation also recognizes that not every nation has had such luck in allowing mixed governments and mediating peaceful relations between diverse ethnic groups.
As such the Russian Federation will not intervene in such a conflict unless clear abuses show themselves undeniable. In the meantime, the Russian Federation recommends the Ethiopian government follow in our footsteps and allow a multi-leveled federated government. Such a system is optimal for balancing the needs of individual groups with the needs of the collective, and with the land and people that Ethiopia has come to rule, it seems clear that the best way to proceed is through federated unity in as peaceful a manner as possible.
The Russian Federation, as a beacon of peace-keeping in the east for many years, seeks only that: a peaceful resolution to what is self-evident as unnecessary fighting.

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