September 16, 2019
 In Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes

Country: Argentina
Delegate Name: Abbie Wong

Abbie Wong
Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes
Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy
The protection of Olympic athletes is an issue of great concern, the athletes are what makes the games what they are. Athletes such as Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka, who have chosen to step back from Olympic competition, would not have happened if the IOC was more involved in athletes’ training and mental health monitoring. Of course, the IOC isn’t to blame completely but they do play a significant role, since they organize the Olympics.
The issue of mental health is difficult to address since it is so personal, but it should be part of the IOC’s responsibility to take into account the possibilities that Olympic athletes are facing mental abuse as well as physical abuse. The protection and support the IOC offers should extend to even the off-season periods. The IOC must work with the different nations to make sure their athletes stay healthy and are treated right. The IOC should oversee what procedures individual nations take to protect their Olympians.
Having a hotline available to the athletes to report cases of mental and physical abuse from people such as coaches is important to ensure that they can be dealt with. The hotline would make sure athletes have a way to speak up for themselves, since in many cases victims find they cannot report their abusers. The IOC should also provide counseling, if needed, for the athlete. Punishment of the abusers must also be carried out, creating a safer Olympic community. If they’re aware that they could face punishment then the abusers would be less likely to act. Background checks of important figures such as coaches, health professionals, and managers should be done to protect athletes as well. Background checks are important because they give insight into what kind of person the one being checked is. It can reveal many things such as possible past allegations of abuse.

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