September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Forced Labour

Topic: 2024-Forced Labour
Country: Mozambique
Delegate Name: Ricardo Pastor

In Mozambique, the problem of forced labor, particularly affecting children, persists despite some efforts by the government to address it. The prevalence of the worst forms of child labor, such as forced domestic work and hazardous tasks in industries like tobacco production, highlights systemic issues within the country. Moreover, the discrepancy between Mozambique’s minimum age for work and international labor standards leaves a gap where children can be exploited in informal employment. Insufficient social programs further compound the problem by failing to adequately tackle the root causes of child labor and provide support to vulnerable populations.

To address these challenges, Mozambique must prioritize several solutions. Strengthening enforcement of existing labor laws, particularly those about child labor, is essential to deter perpetrators and protect children from exploitation. Investing in education and vocational training programs can provide alternative pathways for children and families vulnerable to forced labor, empowering them with skills and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. Collaborating with international organizations and neighboring countries can also enhance Mozambique’s capacity to combat cross-border trafficking and forced labor networks. By implementing these measures comprehensively and sustainably, Mozambique can make significant strides towards eradicating forced labor and ensuring the well-being and rights of all its citizens, particularly its children.

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