September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Afghanistan

Country: India
Delegate Name: Samhith Ginjupalli

From the late 1900s till now, the situation in Afghanistan has been anything but pretty. Following a civil war and a fight for power in the 1990s and the US invasion of and recent demilitarization in Afghanistan, the country has now fallen in the hands of the military organization known as the Taliban. Though the Taliban have been a major part of Afghanistan’s recent history, this new shift in power has led to the group’s total control of the nation. This situation has always been dangerous for citizens but with neighboring and allied countries closing their borders, it has become increasingly more dangerous.One thing is clear: the Taliban has not been able to establish any security in the country and has not been able to provide any humanitarian support to its citizens.

Alongside the United States, India has spent the past 20 years trying to foster a democratic system in Afghanistan. From our various donations to peace talks with Afghanistan, the country of India has fostered a close relationship, which we now believe is threatened. The main cause of concern for India is whether this insurgency might cause security concerns for us, primarily with our shared neighbor Pakistan. India’s worst fear is that Afghanistan will become a safe place for militants from Pakistan.The country of Pakistan has long-standing ties with the Taliban and has long given refuge to militants attacking India. And with Chinas possible expansions into Afghanistan, India believes that it may be stranded economically as well.

The country of India urges members of the UNSC to come together to figure out a proper solution to deal with the situation in Afghanistan. While India does not suggest that we give in to the demands of the Taliban, we urge that we take into consideration all of our options and push through to make the world a safer place for all, especially the citizens of Afghanistan.

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